2015 Preseason Training Starts August 23rd

Uconn Rugby Team Workout

UCONN Rugby will arrive for preseason training on August 23rd. Our first practice will commence at 5pm that day, following a brief team meeting. For the rest of the week, the team will endure two-a-day practices (9-11am and 5-7pm).

The first session of the day will be focused on fitness as it is important to build both strength and endurance, mental and physical for this season and the sport in general. After breaking for a few hours we will return to the field for some ball work and continued conditioning.

Following the last practice of the day, we will host team dinners at an off-campus house to encourage team bonding and we will engage in various team building activities throughout the week.

We look not just to be a team on the field, but a brotherhood for all members off the field; we sweat together, bleed together, work together, fail together, and succeed together.

The week will be the climax of a long term fitness program implemented by our new coaching staff, Mark Colebrook, Mike Kosilla, and headed by Robert Merola. The team has been training throughout the summer using a fitness program focused on various forms of strength training and cardio. This season we plan not only to be one of the most intelligent teams on the pitch but one of the most fit as well.

To achieve success we must outwork and out-train all of our opponents which means a strong work ethic and desire for winning are required. We expect success this year but know that it will not come easily and we will continue to put work in throughout the entire season.

Gentlemen, the road to victory begins now.

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