Senior Spotlight: Mwamburi Mkaya

UConn Rugby

Name: Mwamburi Mkaya
Position: PropMwamburi Mkaya Uconn Rugby
Hometown: Newton, MA
Major: Materials Science
Favorite Movie: Independence Day
Favorite TV Show: Narcos
Favorite Food: Grilling Season
Go to Pre game Pump-up Song: ALL Day by Kanye West

How long have you been playing rugby?
Almost 3 years.

When did you start playing rugby?
I played rugby for the first time the spring of freshman year.

What is your favorite part about playing for UCRFC?
The team is amazing, we always have a great group of guys playing for UConn. Plus it’s fun to hit and tackle.

What is your favorite memory of playing for UCRFC?
Has to be Beast of the East tournament where we finished 2nd my sophomore year (Spring 2015). We made a great run and surprised a lot of teams.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about playing rugby/ what advice would you give them?
Show up. We have practice every week, if you’re interested just come down. A lot of the guys who are on the team never played rugby before UConn, if you’re ready to work and hit you’ll fit right in.

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