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UCONN Rugby Football Club Alumni Association PresidentWELCOME to the New UCONN Rugby Website and Support Page!

My name is Tom Flynn (CLAS 1976 Pol. Sci.) and I am the president of the UCONN Rugby Football Club Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is pleased to present this new web site to the Rugby Club and all the alumni of the University of Connecticut rugby club.

Since I played rugby at the University from 1973-1976, things have radically changed at UCONN and with the rugby club. The University is a very different place… and if you haven’t been to Storrs recently… take a ride, you will be amazed. UCONN rugby has matured into a very competitive, well organized and dedicated group of young men. Not that it wasn’t back in the day, but the current team is a very impressive group of guys with excellent leadership and some ambitious goals.

Our predecessors at the Alumni Association have created a charitable foundation through The UCONN Foundation that has been generously funded by the Alumni. But thanks to the hard work of many alumni, most recently Pablo Perez and Ray Peterson, the Alumni Association has decided to step up its efforts to help the Club. The following is just a bit of what we have accomplished.

Last year the Association funded a top of the line training program through Serevi Rugby for the Club. This year we have tackled several major projects. Thanks to the hard work of Frank Heneghan, we have funded and implemented a complete revamping of the Club web site. The new web site will allow the Club and the Alumni Association to regularly communicate with anyone who is interested in UCONN Rugby, make contributions to the Association and be kept informed about all that is going on. We’ve come a long way from phone trees, banging on dorm doors and hoping that everyone got the word that the time and place of the game has changed. The Association is also pleased to fund the acquisition of a new set of video equipment that will help improve the quality of the team. UCONN has a new coach, alumnus Bob Merola, who has done a great job in the spring and expects to have a very successful season this fall.

And there is more to come! The Alumni Association is planning a tailgate party at one of this fall’s football games. And put October 11, 2015 on your calendars for the Annual Alumni Match against the Club side. The Alumni Association is very excited to have several other events in the planning stages. We hope to have a wine tasting in the winter months to brighten up to dull season and there is a golf tournament being planned.

uconn rugby logoPlease register your email on the web site (notice the form to the left over the sidebar), come to a match and join us for one of the Alumni events. I may even play in the Alumni match, a site to see I can assure you.

Your help and support will be essential to the long term success of the Club and the Association. We all know that there are great demands on your time, your wallets and interests… But try and give a little to UCONN Rugby!



1975 Uconn Rugby Squad
UConn Men’s Rugby Club circa 1975 @ Yale Field New Haven, CT