UConn Wins Again – UMass Amherst

(Photo provided by Mr. Blaszko)

UConn 36 – UMass Amherst 17

Game Recap:

UConn was led by captain Joe Phillips at outside center with 4 tries on the bright sunny afternoon at UMass Amherst.  UConn scored first at 8 minute mark by Phillips 1st try, followed by his second try at the 25 min. UConn led 19-7 at the half.

UMass came out running the ball hard in the forwards to start the second half that bought them a try, bringing the score to 19-12. UConn answered back 8 minutes later with try by FB Ethan Finn, followed by another Phillips try (his third).The conversion was good at the 58 minute mark to put UConn up 31-12.

UMass came right back with some powerful running with forward pack and center position to score 3 minutes later to bring lead to 31-17 with 20 minutes remaining.

Both teams went back and forth at each other hard for next 20 minutes until Phillips ripped off his fourth try at 78 minute to put UConn over the top: final whistle 36 to 17.

“We’re pleased with our performance today, especially on the defensive end holding back hard charging UMass Squad, but yet answering back offensively when called upon,” said Coach Merola. “Joe Phillips was on his game today and was key to our win.”

“Derek Litty and James Courtney at 6/7 were  tackling machines today,” Assitant Coach Colebrook admired afterwards.

A fun game to watch and both teams played with intensity and passion.


—Game recap written by Coach Bob Merola

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